Coming soon Developer hiring that keeps it real

Forget the whiteboard code puzzles. Find the best talent and take the candidate experience to the next level with interview problems that are authentic for what your next hire will be doing on your team.

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Realistic tests

Test your candidates based on what they will do on the job: Review pre-configured pull requests, fix bugs in an existing code base, or make a change to a project and open a pull reuqest.

Familiar tools

We integrate closely with Github to provide an environment that is familiar to both the candidate and the reviewer.

Stellar candidate experience

It's time to move on from asking candidates puzzles that don't reflect the actual work involved. Make candidates feel respected and comfortable by assessing them based on what the role requires.

Simple no-tricks pricing

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Early-bird pricing

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What's included

  • Up to 15 users

  • Unlimited interviews

  • Performance reporting

  • Customizable interviews

Per month, billed annually

$79 USD